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last updated at 2002-05-09 22:00
libby: interesting talk about the role of metdata in education
gconole: this session on global issue was very interesting
chaals: A talk at WWW2002 based on a paper with a similar title
libby: by Jonathan Robie
libby: Mostly by chaals
DanC: presented by J?r?me Sim?on at WWW2002. joint work with Peter Patel-Schneider
DanC: presentation includes the layer cake. odd!
dajobe-lap: many misconceptions and mistakes about RDF and XML
dajobe-lap: didn't bother to look at the XPath 1.0 data model I used in the revised rdf/xml spec
dajobe-lap: ooh, illegal RDF/XML
dajobe-lap: "many factual errors, seems to ignore RDF/XML spec revised using xpath 1.0 data model" -- me
DanC: in RP-15
Blogs at WWW2002
dajobe-lap: Edd Dumbill, O'Reillynet
dajobe-lap: Dan Gillmor, SJ Mercury News
dajobe-lap: Robert Scobie
dajobe-lap: David Singer, IBM
dajobe-lap: Sylvain Carle, en Francais
dajobe-lap: Karl, aussi en Francais
dajobe-lap: no software available
edd: by Eric Miller
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