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last updated at 2002-03-27 17:21
jonb: Uses a simple ontology for the XML infoset
dajobe: Now with XML Base, xml:lang support and corresponding N-Triples updates
dajobe: some bugs fixed, some probably added
dajobe: Announcement to www-rdf-interest
connolly: by Mark S. Manasse
connolly: gets my vote for best paper at the W3C DRM workshop
connolly: a nifty idea in there: notarization
connolly: perhaps I'll send a pointer to the new OASIS rights TC
DanCon: abstract: "Digital rights management based on enforcement is moribund. The bits are free and they can't be put back in the bottle. Yet, content creators want to get paid and users want superior quality content. Assuming that users are willing to pay for content they like, we propose a scheme for digital rights licensing modeled after shareware licensing."
jonb: Watch this space
AaronSw: woo, it's good to see someone has some sanity in this discussion
DanCon: cited from the new mozilla roadmap as a post-1.0 direction.
AaronSw: Woohoo! finally
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