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last updated at 2002-03-26 23:37
em: bookmarking so i'll find this again...
em: Various bits about RDF, open source tools in the library community and the goals of open source data
AaronSw: including "The EOR Toolkit: An Open Source Solution for RDF Metadata"
connolly: by Robin Milner
DanC: by Michael K. Smith
DanC: A Precise Description of the ACL2 Logic is one of a handful of documents I keep paper copies of in my office.
DanC: "Because ACL2 is first-order, we cannot directly assert properties about the domain and range of functions." try replacing p(s, o) with propertyValue(p,s,o). i.e. use one 3-place predicate for all RDF triples
DanC: pending some cwm list-handling bugs
connolly: er... I guess citing the Paper Trail design note is in order
MarkB: more URIs in HTTP headers = goodness
MarkB: another way of doing Repr-Type
AaronSw: March 2001?
danbri_: Featuring various of the usual suspects...
sandro: Wow, very cool to have these on-line.....
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