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last updated at 2002-03-22 20:15
AaronSw: I plan to wait a couple days for comments, and then send this to the RFC Editor to be published as an Internet-Draft.
AaronSw: Any W3Ters who want their name and email in lights for answering questions about RDF?
DanCon: I hope you mean to get an explicit reply from the chair before submitting it to the IETF
Seth: The URI spec tells us that the significance of the URI with the hash
Seth: on is a function of the language of document you get when you
Seth: dereference the thing before the hash.
Seth: .... seems pretty clear to me
Seth: .... me thinks Aaron is floggin a dead hoarse
Seth: so a uri#frag is just like a natural language word .. but a http://uri/ names and\or addresses some piece of information that is obtained by a http get. i agree with TimBl.
danbri_: URIrefs are considered to be referring expressions, names. RFC2396 defines a textual syntax. It's only natural to wonder whether there may be text strings with the appropriate syntactic form which are not, in fact, names for anything.
danbri_: "New: List of 5.9 million geographic names available for download "
danbri_: A nebulous but fabulous prize offered to whoever produces an RDF representation of this data (plus demo showing why this is good).
danbri_: Worth re-reading every year or few, to see if we've made any progress...
danbri_: Which of course we have. I'm querying SOAP xml graphs in an RDFdb...
danbri_: Which of course we haven't. XML and RDF work is still going on broadly in parallel, with mutually partial understanding of each other's perspectives on Web data exchange.
sbp: On the one hand I (used to) generate my homepage from RDF. On the other hand, there are so many more things that we should be able to do; RDF calendar apps., supreme RDF DBs, and so on are all "six months" away
sbp: We also want: privacy/finance management, weather feeds to our desktops, stock quotes, local information (restaurants etc.), a Web of trust, RDF driven file systems, and email stores. Come on people, plenty of work to do!
danbri_: Interesting, although I really meant progress re XML-and-RDF-one-big-happy-family, rather than progress with the RDF world domination plan! ;-)
sbp: Ah, well... DanC's XML infoset stuff, and my own XML validation in RDF experiments have been heartening. I'm also planning another article on the same topic...
danbri_: Yeah, that's really nice work, forgot it briefly though was talking about it earlier. XML Schema becomes an ontology for talking about Elements and Attributes (whatever they are...)
sbp: IMO, XML Schema creates instances of Element/Attribute classes for XML infoset instances to belong to. So you might have :Strong a xsd:ElementClass, rdfs:Class . (class of all <strong> elements), and then [ a :Strong ] (a particular <strong> element in an XML infoset instance)
JonB: An OWL Schema for XML Schema
JonB: The start of an XLST that transforms XML Schema into OWL
JonB: A simple XSLT that transforms an XML instance document into RDF
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