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last updated at 2002-03-21 22:42
danbri_: Meta Content Framework Using XML (has a nice example)
RDFSchema editorializing
danbri_: Now we have the Primer, I'm planning to remove all the current examples from RDFS spec
danbri_: In fact my paper copy (the dodgy paperback) has more sections crossed out than remaining.
danbri_: But we need at least one example schema. Not a mix of people, Vans, Search services etc., but something that can be built up thru the document.
danbri_: This dodgy shovelware book proved useful at last (as did a big red pen).
danbri_: I need an example that shows RDFS as a foundation for Semantic Web vocabulary description, ie. shows how WebOnt slots nicely in.
Seth: in response to Pat Hayes things that go bump
Seth: agrees with Grahm's response
Seth: see also
Seth: would give us <rdf:RDF context="http://foo/"> ...</rdf:RDF>
Seth: and the ability to have dark triples as first class resources
dajobe: do not underestimate the dark side of the triple
CouplaSOAP Things
danbri: Q - does SOAP encoding grok xsd:anyURI?, SOAP Encoding as standalone XML format.
danbri: More on this next week. RDF folk really should take a careful look at this stuff. One reply to my latter question, 'I would like to see an independent spec on the serialization of a graph of name/value entities from the w3c', I'm not sure how to answer. "We already did one?"
AaronSw: What's with the <div class="exampleOuter"> <div class="exampleInner"><pre> stuff? It makes the document look pretty weird.
dajobe: darn, can't see base URI "" relative "blah"
DanCon: by Dom H. and DanC
sbp: I was writing an article about various ways of expressing data in XML, and inadvertantly came up with something that looked a lot like Notation3 in XML
sbp: This is the result: Notation3 as an XML language. It's not as bad as XML RDF, but not as good as Notation3 (for readability), IMO
sbp: It's not exactly N3, since it's missing formulae (n3:formula?), is x of, and some other little bits
sbp: But it's close enough for a ten minute hack
sbp: cf. SURF and BSWL
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