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last updated at 2002-03-19 21:07
Cake Not Drugs
dajobe: (danger: cookies, frames, registration, ...)
dajobe: on RDF: "The weapon turned out to be a space-age laser. It could slay the monster if you could just understand it well enough to use it."
dajobe: etc.
danbri: A terribly argued piece, but there's a grain of truth: we've got unmet promises to the metadata / digital library community. RDF needs to pay off for simple stuff before we get too distracted by the looming prospect of onto-logico-nirvana. RDF for sitemaps, thesauri, RSS extensions: all these hold promise. All these are perceived as promising but not yet mature.
danbri: RDF was looking pretty sickly a couple of years ago, but 2000-2001 was a turnaround period. Quite likely a lot of the excitement we've seen hasn't (through scruffy writeups, unpolished demos, geeky terminology) not yet impressed the wider metadata world.
AaronSw: check out Aaron's reply and MarkB's reply
AaronSw: And Roy Fielding's reply: "There is no spoon. It is a fundamental rule of interface design."
MarkB: I don't think Roy understands Tim's definition of "document" though. It's not just a bag of bits. But I also admit to not understanding it.
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