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last updated at 2002-03-18 22:46
bijan: Anyone got an N3 paper to submit?
bijan: Hmm. Looks like lots of the deadlines are March 21st.
dajobe: see also RDF Core tests area
bijan: FWIW, test004.nt looks pretty bad to me (readability/writeability -wise).
timbl: ABout the patch fil eproblem.
sbp: I've always wondered why CWM doesn't have a -replace to go with -apply and -filter
Seth: reload diagram .. nothing is stated at top level except the implication
AaronSw: Odd: "Date: 2002/03/14, last change: $Id: Notation3.html,v 1.49 2001/11/27 23:59:33 timbl Exp $"
sbp: Plenty of alternatives: I guess there'll be an N4, N5, N6... etc.! I like the [ is :x ] construct much more than the current N3 syntactic trick of [ = :x ], since the latter method goes against the normal use of the = keyword in N3
sbp: heh, heh, heh: """../../foo/test would be <<foo>test which is neat even though it frightenes the xml-minded side of one"""
Seth: shows how to convert a mentograph to a database
Seth: is this compatable with the way CWM processes N3 ?
Seth: mentography is not a language, it is a data structure
Seth: see Using rdf reification to nest statements in N3 like contexts
danbri: Thought I may as well register it, seeing as I've started to use it for stuff and people keep stumbling across it.
danbri: "Ruby-RDF is 'semantic web vapourware', use with caution :)"
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