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last updated at 2002-03-17 22:46
dajobe: http interface to the sesame RDFS system
dajobe: (I can't find any sesame download area here)
dajobe: the deliverables announced here are on sourceforge at sesame project site
AaronSw: Needs to add in the RDF-Core tests.
dajobe: needs to be ripped to bits and re-done using ntriples
danbri: Today's undocumented additions to FOAF: NonSpamMailboxURI and sha1Value. I'll add them they day they earn their keep by saving me from inbox spam!
danbri: This is no fun until we've got multiple RDF/XML files to merge. Anybody else interested in experimenting with this?
DanC: color me interested
danbri: Not many addresses yet. Basic idea: to see if a mailbox URI is on the list of URIs that I believe are unlikely to spam, run the mailto string thru sha1 and compare with the list here.
danbri: Libby suggests making it relational instead of a class (eg. onWhiteListOf(, "ae1ba04b66c1156e7af5fe6306df7f0304c87b38")), and we were talking about ways of doing provenance.
danbri: Most obvious is GPG-signing the entire document.
danbri: Now to make a tool that consumes this data...
dmiles: This is to allow resources that encode n-triples in java obje3cts to work in a prolog context
danbri: Would this be useful for database and webservice hookups (JDBC, SOAP etc?) too? Or maybe SWI-Prolog has reasonable native support for that stuff now...?
dmiles: The interface is a generic reflect library that makes no assumptions about your desired application
dmiles: It just somehow was never written and SWI-Prolog had a gap that it could not access java howver the interface worked in reverse
dmiles: A driving force was JDBC and SOAP interaces in Java should work
dmiles: As well as access to JESS, OKCB.. etc
danbri: Overview of design goals for a MOO-successor system, including (notably) less dependency on having one central server with complete knowledge of world state.
danbri: Some other MOO design issue papers are now
danbri: This provides a high level overview of the 'Jupiter Project' goals.
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