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last updated at 2002-03-16 21:52
danbri: The is what imagemap2meta.rb was going to use / export. Jim's SVG imagempap editor tools export something similar.
danbri: So design question: we're both putting bits of an SVG path / polygon inside RDF. How much of the SVG should we reflect into the RDF graph? Does the path stuff need to be properties of a (jpeg etc) image, or an 'SVG' object?
danbri: Test case: if someone can create an SVG path against a small JPEG and the Batik rasterizer tool plus some RDF image metadata can be used to rasterize from a full detail JPEG (or TGA etc) image, we know we're getting this right-ish.
danbri: This also suggests that the various thumbnailizer scripts we all use for our photo collections could usefully leave detailed logs of the image transformations.
danbri: Jim replied " I definately think the paths are properties of the jpeg at least in my model, they're just paths in the jpeg co-ordinate space which use SVG syntax. even in my example I process that path before outputting the svg.
danbri: danbri: "re jpeg/etc, why should it be relative to jpeg? what if a PNG is content-negotiable at the same URL? (actually the rdfweb foaf stuff is vague on that too).
danbri: See [|chat logs| for detail.
danbri: Here's a counterusecase, in favour of distinguishing the svg path overlays from any paricular image. Imagine a cityscape webcam: "this region is bristol docks, this is cabot tower, that's park street, that's some big old oak tree", with a 365*24 actual images per year. So paths best not modeled as being of some specific jpeg/photo; they can be more general.
danbri: Please note "at this stage the rewritten sections DO NOT represent consensus from the XML Protocl Working Group. Rather they are work in progress on out way to consensus."
danbri: In particular, do take a look at the reworked SOAP Data Model section. "The SOAP data model represents information as a directed, edge-labeled graph of nodes."
danbri: I just followed up suggesting ntriples rather than ascii art worked well for RDF syntax discussions, maybe same for SOAP-Enc too...
danbri: another example based on xml-dist-app thread with Martin Gudgin
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