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last updated at 2002-03-14 23:25
JonB: that semantic web thing sounds pretty cool
sbp: A reply to Seth Russell by Pat Hayes on the subject of monotonicity and the Semantic Web
dajobe: another KT2002 report; spliting Topic Maps into quanta of the same level of RDF statements
dajobe: (or should that be another)
dajobe: News from KT2002 on work by Lars Marius Garshol (larsbot here)
timyawn: Quick hack to parse XML into a RDF graph representation of the XML tree.
timyawn: Currently only an unordered representation of the document, but this could change/be an option.
timyawn: The vocabulary used is random.
timzzz: Low hanging fruit index=8
danbri: Nifty. Could you show some instance data? I'm curious how this relates to the infoset in rdf Note.
DanC_jam: hmm... xmllib... not sax.
DanC_jam: The Web Book, circa 1992
DanC_jam: had trouble finding this at W3C recently
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