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last updated at 2002-03-12 23:13
sbp: Obsoleted by NTriples in the RDF Test cases draft
AaronSw: SURF is an XML form of N-Triples
DanC: see discussion of vCard, foaf, swap/pim/contact, etc.
jhendler1: Univ of Md releases "running RDF" based on "Running Shoe" -- builds wrappers to create RDF from HTML content.
jhendler1: also soliciting feedback on a markup tool, to be released soon
danbri_: My rough installation HOWTO for 2002-03-12 version of RunningRDF. (0) have a Java box with JDK and Swing (1) create a separate downloads directory. (2) download zip file (check website for later versions), (3) unzip it (remembering that 'jar -xvf *.zip' is often handy when unzip not installed on a linux box)
danbri_: 4. add the top level RunningRDF directory to your classpath, eg (as a bash shell user) I typed: export CLASSPATH=$CLASSPATH:. (5) Run the GUI app with: java Extract/RunningRDF
jhendler: webpage has basic getting started, but needs more - foo.
danbri_: We want to try this with SVG image annotations; charles knows someone doing work in this area, so hope is to hook it up to the co-depiction etc stuff re accessibility of images for the visually impaired.
danbri_: See also simple test query
danbri_: Here's the results from a simple query. Ooops, didn't mean to check such large derrived files into CVS. Better make it worthwhile by documenting them...
bijan: This is an error, please ignore.
danbri__: Ever!
dajobe: oh yes
dajobe: so my dilemma is, do I cite this in my RDF guide, and if so how?
AaronSw: I'm very happy that businessweek came out with such a positive and accurate article. Even going so far as to invent cute sidebar characters for us, such as Binary Man!
bijan: Accurate? Ah, "such an accurate" is compatible with any degree of accuracy. My conclusion, then, is that Aaron can be made happy with a very low degree of accuracy :)
bijan: Just one example, from the subhead: "By 2005, Tim Berners-Lee aims to be replacing it with the Semantic Web, which will understand human language
AaronSw: And you thought the SW was AI... ;-)
bijan: I dearly hope that that statement is false of TBL!
bijan: Well, I said that it was, but I never said anything goofy about Global Brains!
AaronSw: <bijan> B:I said that it was [...] about Global Brains!
bijan: Hmm. Aaron's tolerance for low accuracy waxes into enthusiasm.
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