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last updated at 2002-03-06 22:54
DanC: under the principle that designissues and implementations should point to each other, this one should be linked...
DanC: to swap/pim/doc
sbp: IMO, The terms (properties and classes) under "Using RDF to model this" could be moved to the PIM doc.n3 schema, since describing the genericity of documents is useful for specifiying the semantics of predicates such as :archivedVersion, :persistentCopy, etc.
sbp: cf. MarkB's draft-baker-http-resource-state-model
sandro: These are magic predicates, like log:uri, which somehow know what URI is being used to denote some resource. Not normal RDF model stuff.
bijan: Prolly chumped before, many a time, but the classic description of the Prolog implemenation that made Prolog a practical tool.
DanCon: doesn't sound familiar...
bijan: It's the classic. But it's obscure. Nice that it's on the web now.
DanCon: note: "If you retrieve it, all I ask is that you let me know who you are, and for what purpose you intend to use it.
DanCon: chuckle... copyright in the PDF version seems to conflict with the license on this web page
DanCon: ugh... for something called "tutorial", there are an awful lot of greek letters in here.
bijan: Yes, the "tutorial" is notoriously brutal. I went through in in a class. I survived. I think.
sandro: But it doesn't say how to reify an RDF Statement
sandro: For which we need something more than RDF M&S, because we need to distinguish uriref, nodeID, and literals.
dajobe: NTriples format
DanC: hm... I could use an example earlier in the spec
DanC: <BasicSpec rdf:about="" method="GET"> <-- method attr is unqualified
DanC: implements much of TimBL's design note, Relational Databases on the Semantic Web
DanC: see alpha test/peer review chatlog
DanC: see also: discussion of mapping update/insert to PUT/POST
MarkB: I tossed this question to rest-discuss
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