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last updated at 2002-03-05 14:31
chaals: Something that makes sense...
danbri: See successlog for crude log of how it might work. The sample data (my squish.rb) isn't a very interesting class, it has to be said.
danbri: The Rdoc sourceforge pages have links to the code in cvs (run with '-f rdf'); the final tweak to get it running isn't in CVS yet
danbri: I tried it on some other packages and there's more to do, but the exports/process/load/query cycle worked for squish.rb at least.
danbri: Ideas for what next: compare/contrast with RPM RDF vocab (and my proposed fixes for it; @@URL), try do do some dependency oriented queries, look at the wiki export, try using Ruby-RDF to generate some HTML docs from harvested RDF...
danbri: An SVG diagram of the class and method descriptions in RDF, generated by Damian with RDFAuthor. Note all the literals grouped together; RDFAuthor folds all identical literal nodes together, currently, though sounds like this may change.
danbri: Possibly the world's least accessible Ruby class browser?
danbri: Nearbyish: Ruby SOAP might be worth looking at if we wanted to serialize a real live object graph into XML/RDF too (to compare/contrast w/ the SOAP Data Model Encoding, and to import SOAP data into RDF datastores for query). Aka object/relational mapping, I guess...
AaronSw: I'm not allowed to say what I'm working on, but elsewhere:
AaronSw: "a web-based application for generating metadata, associated with digital works in a machine-readable format. The metadata corresponds to innovative and flexible licenses designed to help creators of intellectual works share their work with the public on generous terms. Search engines, file sharing applications, digital rights management tools, and other emerging technologies recognize the terms on which those works may be used."
danbri: See xml_generator.rb in CVS (last mod: 4 hours ago)
danbri: For example, 'rdoc --fmt xml' generates this from the heap of scripts-mangled-into-classes that I'm hacking on
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