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last updated at 2002-03-03 20:41
danbri: XMLTV is a set of utilities to manage your TV viewing
danbri: "The idea is to separate out the backend (getting the listings) from the frontend (displaying them for the user), and to implement useful operations like picking out your favourite programmes as filters that read and write XML documents"
danbri: Shellac reminded me of this. They seem to have been busy since I last looked. Code is actively maintained and that page has lots of links to related stuff too.
danbri: If we did an RDF version of this, would the rdf-calendar vocab just plug in for the scheduling component? (so we could export to palm pilot...). Not sure it (rdf-cal) does repeating events yet, does it?
libby: repeating events have only roughly been sketched out at the moment in rdf-cal
danbri: Got a pointer? I'd like to investigate. They should perhaps be done using RDF class machinery? (and webont? <cough/>)
libby: hybrid rdf calendar schema
libby: I think danc might have done something with palm and repeating events
libby: in general (and especially repeating events) the rdf-cal schema could do with some testing; danc quite liked it because it maps closely to iCalendar. more feedbnack would be great
libby: I'm going to try putting the skical draft in daml for a paper at xmleurope, with greg fitzpatrick; might give us some pointers as to how to do it with rdf-cal as well
danbri: More RDFWeb experimentation, excerpting clipart fragments from photos using SVG (or HTML imagemap) annotation overlays.
danbri: Thanks to Max, Dean, Libby, Bert via IRC for XSLT, SVG tips... No RDF was used in the making of this image (yet...). See nearby jumble of files for how this came to be.
danbri: Basically, the SVG document handles everything except zooming in on the chosen region, which is done by passing arguments to the Batik rasterizer. We need to figure out a nice processing model for calculating those numbers; my currently plan is to slurp a subset of the SVG data into the RDF model and do it in Ruby/Java/etc... (I guess it could be done in Pure SVG, but not by me!).
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