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last updated at 2002-02-15 17:08
jonb: media type independent fragment id syntax
DanCon: haven't read it yet. I hope it's just names.
jonb: an I-D that I haven't sumitted yet
jonb: uses XPointer's xmlns= syntax
Web Services with RDF - it can be done
dajobe: Information Architects say: "Web Services built by IA SmartCode are SOAP-compliant and take full advantage of XML, RDF, and J2EE"
how far is conneg supposed to stretch?
DanCon: from HTML to audio?
DanCon: I don't think so.
DanCon: see discussion
DanCon: I wonder if exploring this would be a good use of the TAG's time.
AaronSw: I think so, for one.
em: A view from Danbri re layering
em: bookmarking for future reference
em: !A view from Danbri re layering
sbp: By William Burkett
Seth: me thinks makes a compelling case for quads or greater tuples : (context, subject, predicate, object, ...)
Seth: Peter's alternate name is "The Trouble with Triples"
sbp: "First, the triples are not connected. An RDF(S) document could be missing some of the triples." seems to run contrary to ""The design of the Web fundamentally differed from traditional hypertext systems in sacrificing link integrity for scalability. [...] no tool that looks at the Web as a whole can assume consistency. [...] A requirement, therefore, of a data model for the Semantic Web is that there should be no fundamental constraint relating what is said, what
sbp: it is said about, and where it is said." in Web Architecture: Describing and Exchanging Data
sbp: cf. Trobule With Triples above, which argues that "All triples are independent" is a problem in RDF
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