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last updated at 2002-02-08 22:07
AaronSw: Nearby: Pat Hayes
danbri: It would be great if this could export W3C SVG images. They make it easy to zoom in on regions, can be searched textually, and are well supported by Adobe's SVG plugin.
danbri: Many other graphing and visualisation libraries (eg. Graphviz, GNU Plotutils) and applications (eg.RDFAuthor) support SVG, at least as an export format.
Seth: but for those of us who don't program the IMAP tool is already there in a package to download free and use
danbri: Exactly. Their tool seems a pretty neat modeling environment, but doesn't seem to make it easy to get the data out in useful formats like SVG. Maybe I'm wrong there, and missed the online docs. SVG export would be a very neat feature to add (for programmers and non-programmers alike).
Seth: IMAP should read IHMC
Seth: actually collaboratively working on a map would be a great boost for the semantic web ... but sadly nodbody seems interested in doing that
Seth: "map" should have read "graph"
danbri: I sent them a quick note asking about SVG, RDF support. Can't hurt to ask...
dajobe: says Seth
danbri: "The idea is to see what a minimalistic vocab for buying and selling stuff might look like. Not a huge e-commerce initiative a la ebXML, more like the sort of thing your local paper might include [...]"
danbri: Flogging internet domain names (this example) not being the best eg., since I want to show off the use of the Wordnet class hierarchy. You could sell a wn:Rock_hyrax or wn:Toothpick using this... ;-)
AaronSw: I notice you're using the [insert name here] form of datatyping. i.e. _:something fs:askingPrice [ a fs:Price ; rdf:value "500000" ; fs:currency "USD" ] .
danbri: Actually this is a thinly veiled excuse for advertising! I bought|.org a few years ago, and had grand plans for using it ~2005. Decided to see if these things still saleable. Ebay's domain name section is rubbish and the other 'sell your domain' sites are pretty cheesy.
danbri: So this is back on the old idea of "why can't machines just read my homepage?". If I'm selling my bike, my house, my hoarded domain names, isn't my home page the natural way of doing this online?
danbri: Re datatypes, yes, I just used the idiom I find most natural for currency; not sure where that one stands in current debate. Did have some js-prolog code on my laptop once that could understand this form...
danbri: Interesting research question: how much of the dynamics of an online auction system can be recreated in a distributed system? bids, limits etc.
danbri: I need to upgrade my visor to a datebook that understands timezones; apparently this does, and is db-format identical to the main datebook palm apps.
danbri: Other intriguing features: templates for event types, linking events and TODO tasks.
danbri: See also Mega Wiki for Palm; this promises web-style hyperlinking between applications.
AaronSw: Narval is the acronym of "Network Assistant Reasoning with a Validating Agent Language". In Python, under GPL.
AaronSw: A personal agent that follows "recipes" to do chores for you and report back.
AaronSw: They also have a bunch of other free software.
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