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last updated at 2002-02-04 22:21
dajobe: see RDF Core thread
danbri: See also slidemaker version and Aaron's notes on this.
dajobe: The correct Aaron's notes site
danbri: The slides touch on RPC, and on mapping between programmatic constructs (lists, dictionaries etc) and RDF's equivalent. Might be worth mentioning this has been done in a SOAP context too.
danbri: Might talk about SW as clash of different programming traditions, Python-meets-Prolog etc., and situation this creates for programmers coming at this from an OO perspective.
danbri: One can do OO modeling of some problem, eg. using Python (Perl/Ruby/Java) notions of class hierarchies, or one can model the same in RDF/WebOnt structures. The relationship between these two worlds is currently in flux.
danbri: I tried writing for a Ruby audience, with similar concerns in mind. Do we want them to stop using Ruby's classes/objects/properties machinery and use RDF instead? What would it be to make Ruby RDF-friendly?
danbri: I think it comes back to the SW vs WS theme, rather than trad ER as such. Interop between disparate OO-modelled systems has traditionally explored in CORBA/IDL/RPC terms, for many. SOAP seems to offer a 'webizing Python' story in that tradition.
dajobe: or rss 1.0
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