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last updated at 2002-01-30 21:03
DanCon: An evaluation of DAML+OIL w.r.t. WebOnt candidate requirements
danbri: I think I chumped this before, but a nice unpretentious paper that seems pretty relevant to the schema pluralism debates. Wish I had more useful stuff to say here...
DanC: sounds juicy; wish I weren't too overcommitted to read it just now...
bijan: I'm in favor of total schema long as that excludes W3C XML Schemas. :)
danbri: Summary - "A schema can be reduced to a set of logical propositions. Schemas in different language can be reduced and thus combined. These proposition can be queried as a system.The queries can validate the schema does not have inconsistencies, and to give user guidance about allowed elemetns during editing or validity. "
danbri: I don't quite understand how it differs from the main articles (shorter writeups?), but more interesting links are always welcome! Wonder if there's an RSS feed...?
bijan: It's chump based.
dajobe: they use this very software (chump bot) to construct the items
bijan: This technique was pioneered over on Monkeyfist :) Part of our SemantiChimp work.
danbri: Cool! Yeah, I like Monkeyfist too, and this in general as a way of making bloggish websites. Sometimes scruffy, but usually cheaper than editing HTML
danbri: Wonder if can sneak into the xmlhack editors channel and get something on the site... (time for Chump to grok ACLs?)
dajobe: see about xmlhack newswire
jonb: a target for the SW
dajobe: from the US National Library of Medicine (NLM)
dajobe: see relevant Medical Inforamtics Standards; jonb says XML medical record formats HL7 and ASTM now ANSI standards
jonb: draft ASTM E31 DTDs available on the web
dajobe: great - we want data on the web (XML please) and the standards too
jonb: the HL7 CDA: clinical document architecture
dajobe: see how rich metadata is being used in RDF/XML (with schema), XML, XHTML and OAI records (with W3C XML Schemas via OAI)
dajobe: mostly simple dublin core 15 element records, plus a few extra terms
dajobe: A more complex RDF/XML example using rdf:value, containers
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