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last updated at 2002-01-28 21:56
dajobe: says you
Seth: so doesn't the mapping equation l(j(?r))=i(k(?s)) provide a semantics of reification ?
dajobe: but what is a context? {} in N3?
dajobe: better than rdf:parseType="quote" for sure
Seth: cool then we could finally name the set of triples expressed within a RDF element :)
dajobe: nobody answered my Q yet
dajobe: we are also struggling with naming statments (the r9n word)
jonb: a context in N3 {} is a collection (list?) of statements
bijan: BAZ == Bijan Parsia and Zoe Mulford
bijan: It's relevant. Really!
bijan: There's and SVG version.
bijan: No, really, it's relevant!
bijan: In the SVG is some RDF! In the metadata tag.
bijan: See, I told you it was relevant!
bijan: SVG rules.
dajobe: an RDF in SVG example is interesting even if it doesn't work for me
dajobe: works for me on another mozilla daily snapshot using Adobe SVG plugin
bijan: Yay!
danbri: Works for me too, last Moz release plus adobe's linux plugin. Very pretty :)
AaronSw: :Some people are having problems, so you might want to try the archived version.
dajobe: an RDF in SVG example is interesting even if it doesn't work for me
dajobe: Ignore above comment
DanC: thanks!
DanC: hmm... HTML produced by abiword is nasty... let's try tidy...
DanC: hmm... rtf2html produces something very different; not sure if it's better or worse, but it's definitely different.
libby: made using RDFAuthor
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