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last updated at 2002-01-23 17:20
DanC: RDFAuthor Tutorial
DanC: nifty! This is prettey much all there is to know about RDF, from a content author's perspective.
DanC: to complete the RDF primer, all we need is a how-to-make-your-own-schema
libby: I think shellac might be working on that soon :)
danbri: I used it to make the FoafCORP schema, with shellac watching over my shoulder as a usability test.
em: anyone know if there is any work underway to harmonize OCS and RSS 1.0 ?
DanC_: interesting... gotta check out that reputation thing.
em: Looks like a jetspeed replacement (if not killer)
DanC_: reminds me of stuff from the DRM workshop... esp the gal from... HP?... who noted that you don't have to have uuids for people, and that authentication should/could be considered trade in an asset
em: Now... if only they did RSS 1.0... sigh
em: RSN i'm sure
DanC_: Poorvi et al seems to be the relevant paper, though I'm not sure of the name of the person who advocated it at the workshop...
DanC_: speaking of the DRM workshop and Mr. Where and Mr. When, how about a photo
DanC_: this photo shows the gal I'm thinking of.
DanCon: I see from the minutes that it was Poorvi Vora (HP) in the picture etc.
DanCon: ooh! "Zero-knowledge proof of sibling nym relationships by parent" "paper forthcoming"
DanCon: hmm... reputation capital... quite possibly more deployable than dsig/proof stuff
DanCon: er... I take that back... this stuff is pretty heavyweight:
DanCon: "secure computation environment (or "vat"[dist])"
DanCon: hmm... do all roads lead to E?
DanC_: uses new (and somewhat buggy) str:scrape cwm built-in
em: cool!
DanCon: based on U.S. Gazetteer, a query service for U.S. 1990 census data
DanC_: a great discussion of the million-monkeys approach, peer review, quality, and all that
DanC_: see esp "3. Good quality requires peer review and expertise, which Wikipedia doesn't have"
em: Sample URI into TGN
em: The best integrated gazetteer that I am aware of
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