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last updated at 2002-01-12 19:31
DanC: right now, reads from a quicken export and writes flatfiles suitable for bulk import into postgresql.
DanC: let's see if I can exploit TimBL's claim that an RDF file is a database...
DanC: revision: 1.3: I/O is factored out... ready to slot in RDFStore in place of FlatFileDB...
DanC: ok, after N hours, I almost have my "have I paid my visa bill in the last month?" query working..
DanC: see development chatlog
danbri: Cool stuff! Did it it teach you anything about the pros/cons of different datatyping conventions in RDF?
DanC: I'm using PL (i.e. S(b)) quite happily.
danb_desk: I'd mostly forgotten about this; half-suprised to see it still working. A quick RSS-feed aggregator I lashed up using XML::RSS.
exploring COM with python
DanCon: In Jul '98, I wrote which documents my experience with python and COM
DanCon: I sent an article about it to comp.lang.python
DanCon: of course, google's copy is handy
DanCon: hmm... the article seems to be just a copy of
DanCon: I'm really interested in integration of python into the .NET common runtime.
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