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last updated at 2002-01-11 19:27
DanC: Foundational Web Model(s)
DanC: from Massimo; a call for formalism in Web Architecture writings
DanC: the cyc context vocab seems like a good treatment of logic-meets-communicaiton-protocol
DanC: i.e. a reasonable approach to "flattening" a model like my HTTP larch model
DanC: meanwhile, cyc's logic is pretty far out in the weeds (higher order, nonmon, not much specification)
DanC: hmm... "PRA seems adequate once we are committed to a syntactic approach to verifying translators." --
DanC: yes... fundamentally, we communicate thru the web with documents. (i.e. syntax)
DanC: cf my notes from 1998 on learning about QED
DanC: er... those notes date rom 1994, originally. cf my msg to the qed list
DanC: updated QED stuff includes The Root Logic---Some Technical Details
DanC: once again, Peter Suber to the rescue with Recursive Function Theory
dajobe: attached tar.gz of XSD files
DanC: everybody say a prayer that they hold it still for a while.
AaronSw: My script to convert this to RDF is pnow fixed|].
larsbot: The topic maps crowd is starting work within OASIS to define URIs to indicators for common subjects
larsbot: This TC makes guidelines for such indicator sets, but TCs for the area of XML and languages/geography are on the way
larsbot: The goal is that the URIs should be usable in RDF as well...
DanC: does this include things like airports, citities, days of the week, that sort of thing?
larsbot: In the long run it could; depends on what there's interest in
DanC: see also W3C WebOnt WG
DanC: oops... gotta check in my fixes to ...
DanC: hm... that involves updating to the latest cwm... sometimes risky...
DanC: ok... updated cwm with no problem
DanC: sent a msg to www-rdf-calendar
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