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last updated at 2002-01-01 18:37
jah-mac: apparently RDF and RSS may fall into the targets of a software patent issue
jah-mac: this article provides background
dajobe: more
jah-mac: It is believed that the patent is being infringed
jah-mac: by the many companies building products based on an emerging metadata
jah-mac: standard known as the Resource Description Framework (RDF)
jah-mac: goes on to say that UDTL claims that RDF relies on technology covered by UDTL's
jah-mac: patent"
jah-mac: agenda for the web ont working group face to face
danja: "Makes television worth watching"
danja: an aspiration for the SW perhaps?
danja: "...worth browsing..."
danja: (so's my diary will make an appointment with the foot-doctor on Channel 9)
danja: scraped semantics
danja: and it works
danja: (probably Bayes stuff on words, meself I think Kohonen would be even better)
danja: alsoRefersTo:
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