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last updated at 2001-12-19 22:34
DanCon: see also MikeD's tools and use cases [@@pointers pending]
DanCon: something from might be handy, says bijan
bijan: Or not, as the case may be. It seems to be focused rather specifically. I'm having trouble making it disgorge an answer to the question, "Is there light rail service in New Providence, NJ?"
DanCon: next step: propagate this info, by machine, into my evolution calendar, by way of an RDF schema for ICAL
DanCon: seems better to use lat/long properties, since it's easy to tell when two strings are different, but difficult to reason about inequality of things denoted by uris
AaronSw: :Hmm, anyone know if this is going forward? Danbri and I did a simplified and cleaned up draft back in September.
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