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last updated at 2001-12-17 23:50
ronwalf: The EDAS project home page. A barren, desolate place.
dajobe: "Among the memorable themes from the conference was the surprising persistence of the quarrel between RDF (W3C) and Topic Maps (ISO) efforts, whose convergence seems to be taking longer than expected."
AaronSw: "The W3C 'startup,' propelled by the initial success of XML, seems to have reached the point where its size and the weight of its legacy places it in the same category as the major standard organizations, and makes it therefore less competitive."
JibberJim: Log of IRC Cricket commentary for the match (reference chaals and SBP's discussion.) Conversion to RDF isn't that easy as it's basically straight text with little HTML structure. Cricinfo may well be interested in an RDF feed if you can "sell" it to them.
DanC: see also PT3 Digital Equtity Portal Methodology for an explanation of how and why liber (and dublin core and RDF) were applied to a portal site.
Data Homepages: Summarizing Info. on the Semantic Web
sbp: The recent addition of "--strings" to the repertoire of CWM command line flags gave me an idea: to use CWM to scrape data in real time off of the (Semantic) Web, and present it in the form that I want
sbp: For example, there would be a Web service that can get all of the data in your RDF "driver" file, and present it. You could get stock quotes, T.V. schedules, weather information, and so on... but all of those feeds would need to be in RDF
sbp: People could start running their own personal syndication home pages, with the information that matters most to them. All they'd need to learn would be N3 --strings, and perhaps that could be automated. The Achilles heel is that it relies upon the information being provided by someone in RDF. And that's not happening right now
AaronSw: :I was going to do this with some of mnot's tools. Wanna help?
dmiles: Prolog Virtual Worlds being converted over to work with DAML and SUO-KIF
dmiles: Via a naive rdf/daml -> suo-kif -> prolog
dmiles: object "URL" property once only pointed to a webpage.. conversion now to URI which repreents the top of an XML dom that lets the code walk into the object
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