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last updated at 2001-12-12 21:35
hendler: TAG members elected/appointed - Dan Connolly to be a member!
hendler: Way to go Dan
DanC: new model theory draft
DanC: issues: (a) datatypes. explicitly called out by the editor, but could be linked to issues list
dajobe: as usual, I've checked it into CVS so you can see the differences
dajobe: to previous drafts which were published at the same URL
DanC: issues: (a) datatypes. explicitly called out by the editor, but could be linked to issues list
DanC: I'd like to see more motivation for the use of blank nodes. it just says "seems more in keeping with [RDFMS]" which doesn't do our extensive discussions justice.
DanC: I've been asked for more justification of this point in SWAD meetings.
DanC: issue: "since such value spaces as integers cannot be fully axiomatized in first-order logic.
DanC: " seems to appear out of nowhere. Delete it or explain it better.
DanC: issue: "Herbrand Lemma. Any RDF graph has a satisfying interpretation.
DanC: " this needs discussion, as we discovered in a telcon a couple weeks ago.
DanC: I think you can say false things in RDF. e.g. using ont:disjointFrom
DanC: "tidying the resulting set" under 2.2 <- editorial left-over.
DanC: "namespace entailment" <- don't like this term. layered entailment, vocabulary entailment, maybe. hmm...
DanC: RDFS reserved vocabulary <- actually, there is a semantic constraint for some of those other terms: isDefinedBy rdfs:subPropertyOf seeAlso
bijan: "MUltlog is a system which takes as input the specification of a finitely-valued first-order logic and produces a sequent calculus, a natural deduction system, and clause formation rules for this logic." WackY!
DanC: -- regression test driver for swap/cwm
DanC: bijan noted it's not in python.
DanC: I offer a 20 point bounty for a translation to python, sent to me, cc
DanC: I re-discovered his "Logical Systems" course notes, 1st chumped 16 May.
DanC: I got curious about the author; discovered that he teaches "Computer Science and Legal Studies" which piqued my interest.
DanC: an hour later, I find I'm reading all sort of stuff, not the least of which the [* Free Online Scholarship (FOS) Newsletter
DanC: er... FOS
deltab: He's the original inventor of the self-modifying game Nomic.
AaronSw: We use the Google Groups archives to dig up some of the WWW history.
sbp: Now generated from Notation3 source: home.n3, by an N3 transformation: hometoxhtml.n3
sbp: Data vs. documentation appears to be about 50:50. I did quite well to get it to that level, I reckon. Maintainance of the page is a little trickier, but I can run .sh scripts to get the transformation going
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