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last updated at 2001-11-25 17:19
The Ozoko-Swartz Resource Model
AaronSw: Resource (Thing) --> Representation (Object) --> Entity (State) --> Content (Serialization)
AaronSw: [cute Pacman illustrations omitted]
sbp: Examples would be nice
AaronSw: Example: Sean B. Palmer --> A Homepage of Sean B. Palmer --> A Homepage of Sean B. Palmer on 2001-11-25T00:00Z. --> A Homepage of Sean B. Palmer on 2001-11-25T00:00Z in XHTML and English
sbp: Proposal to end the "what is identified" discussions; a new HTTP header
sbp: "Entity-Type: Resource" - the data returned by the HTTP transaction directly corresponds with the resource requested
sbp: "Entity-Type: Representation" - the data returned by the HTTP transaction is an indirect representation corresponding to the resource requested
sbp: This has the cool advantage that you can add it to an (X)HTML file: <meta http-equiv="Entity-Type" content="Resource" />
sbp: Hmm... and perhaps N3: <> http:Entity-Type "Resource" .
AaronSw: Interesting idea, but I can't really imagine that anyone would want to say Entity-Type: Resource -- then they'd never be able to change the page!
AaronSw: Nor would they be able to use content negotiation, I think...
AaronSw: Perhaps this would be better if TimBL clearly defined what a document is.
nephrael: yes but it is just comment based
nephrael: i am wrong .. Yay!
dmiles: 'asserted' is like cyc's 'ist'
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