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last updated at 2001-11-21 17:01
danbri: by Decker and Lacher
tim-gone: Some of the .h files still dated Oct 1990 ... surprised they haven't been touched since.
danbri: We need a .nib convertor from the old NeXT format to something GNUStep or MacOS X will understand...
danbri: From the bug list "Not included yet but won't be missed yet: Link Typing"
bijan: ...that doens't do me a damn bit of good.
bijan: I do not like this paper, I do not like it Sam I am. I do not like it Maps Topique. I do not like its RDF-speak.
danbri: A really dissapointing paper. Full of silly posturing, pretty unhelpful all round. "the significantly greater knowledge-modeling power of ISO topic maps requires more thought on the part of its users", indeed. CycL and Unicode, in their own way, have greater knowledge modeling power than RDF too...
jhendler-h: Basically, all that are needed are standard ontologies, probably expressed on the Web as topic maps.
jhendler-h: Or maybe those ontologies will be expressed in RDF!
danja: SVG is pish
danja: can even do it on MS servers...
danja: hey Aaron, do you run servlets?
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