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last updated at 2001-11-16 22:23
danbri: More semantic web screenscraping, though Perl rather than the XSLT flavour.
bijan: "The Best of Intentions"
DanC: presents an unnecessarily constrained view of the world, IMO.
timbl-mit: Definition of rdf:type in the schema spec as is on the TR page
DanC: a proposal to drop Issue rdfms-assertion
DanC: see also aaron's MIME type draft based on DanC's draft
danbri_: see also my view on how we can partially postpone dealing with this
DanC: discussed extensively among TimBL, DanC, DanBri today.
DanC: resulting in TimBL's "points 1-3"; 1 and 3 are pretty much in the RDF model theory and are generally agreed; DanBri and DanC feel insufficiently armed to defend point #2 in the community.
DanC: timbl:1. maning of document = conjunction of meaning of statements
DanC: timbl:2. meaning of statement defined by spec of precicate
DanC: timbl:3. meaning of x rdf$type c defined by c.
AaronSw: I blogged this on #swhack
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