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last updated at 2001-11-11 14:03
AaronSw: :I think we need another foaf property...
AaronSw: In lovely MSHTML. (bleech) Also: normative text, PDF and MS Word w/ change tracking.
DanC: a few of them, anyway
AaronSw: Neato. They seem sort of clustered. ;-)
DanC: Makefile explains (for machines) how it's done.
DanC: webont-markers is an xplanet marker file, output from
DanC: hmm... is vocabulary-specific; perhaps poorly named (and perhaps doesn't belong under swap/. oh well...)
DanC: webont-map.nt is the map data in ntriples...
DanC: webont-map.nt comes from applying mapStyle.n3 rules to webont-airports.rdf
DanC: webont-airports is the data that WebOnt WG members gave me. I had to do a lot more manual processing than I wanted to get it. I'm writing up some lessons learned
DanC: see LEAD: making an ontology about the ontology group... of 2Nov.
sbp: My Semantic Web hackings, newly updated with the RDF-ized CSS stuff, RDF API, UWIMP, and lots of other little bits
sbp: It now uses the proper RDF logos, to placate em!
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