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last updated at 2001-11-03 20:26
bijan: By folks we know and love.
bijan: Good read.
bijan: Food for thinking.
bijan: For rdfiggers, it mentions the quantifier problem :)
bijan: Which I don't want to discuss.
bijan: This one more for the links it provides than the page itself :)
bijan: Cool followup to the article. It's followups like this that I'm trying avoid with my article :)
DanC: by Mike Dean
DanC: some sample data
DanC: I want to project the WebOnt WG membership onto a map this way.
DanC: hmm.. requires java 1.3; my linux java setup isn't that current. anybody know if java 1.3 is available for linux?
DanC: uses OpenMap by BBN. Open Source.
danbri: see also my chumping of the debian/xplanet tool. Some combination of both might be possible? Xplanet is prettier, but the BBN tool is already hooked up to RDF...
danbri: todo: annotate the airports vocab with DAML to show that airport codes uniquely pick out airports... (also hmm rdfs:domain of wordnet:Airport? maybe)
danbri: ...and subPropertyOf between DanC's pim/contact schema and FOAF stuff if we didn't do that yet
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