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last updated at 2001-10-16 17:29
bijan: Note, doesn't include anything about the recent Patent Flap (last updated: November 11 1998)
danbri: "The natural complement to W3C specifications is running code. Implementation and testing is an essential part of specification development and releasing the code promotes exchange of ideas in the developer community. All W3C software is Open Source/ Free Software, and GPL compatible."
AaronSw: via fogo
danbri: French thesaurus which display interactive semantic maps
danbri: A good way for danbri to learn French :)
danbri: See documentation for details (need babelfish link...)
bijan: This is so cool! If only I knew how to use it!
danbri: Knowing how would spoil the magic
dajobe: I'm working on this today
dajobe: that's enough for today, words for addressing 13 issues
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