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last updated at 2001-10-15 23:47
DanC: hmm... mulling over a plan (also: diagram.{png,svg}
DanC: color key: red: done; green: prototyped; gold: current; blue: planned
AaronSw: Heheh: """Wow, "RDF family"? That's a new term in my lexicon. Sounds like a TV series."""
AaronSw: An oldie but a goodie. Probably chumped before, but so funny I just had to read it again.
sbp: "This is not AI. That was one of those "six months away" things with people holding down the skirts up which they were blowing smoke. If the question is "will it scale?" the answer is that a version of it already has. When the Web Tiles are as cheap as smart credit cards they will practically "paper the planet"."
jhendler: Authors of the Semantic Web article felt we were being restrained compared to our usual statements about the potential of the SW
DanC: hmm... mulling over a plan (also: diagram.{png,svg}
DanC: oops... annotated the wrong thing...
AaronSw: Never seen this before, but a good example of what the Web would be liked if every page had nice metadata attached to it
AaronSw: Perhaps we can convince them of an RDF export?
GabeW: But isn't their business based on providing that data with banner ads?
AaronSw: Also little known (and well hidden) is that the famous IMDb provides all of their data as plain text files although they have draconian licensing schemes.
DanC: HTML 2.0 stuff, including history of HTML
DanC: hmm... should be augmented by milestone browser releases. Didn't Kevin Hughes have a timeline with that stuff?
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