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last updated at 2001-09-23 13:51
AaronSw: Makes URIs literals in the language
AaronSw: Creates import: URIs (to load Java classes), cap: URIs (to point to remote E objects)
AaronSw: Should be registered / added to W3C adressing schemes
DanC: "This is no
DanC: ..longer a standard to compromise with, but one to ignore."
AaronSw: "the only remaining relevance XML has for E is that there's a lot of stuff in XML, and, until the backlash starts, this will get worse before it gets better."
danbri: We need some tests for this, and for rdfquery tools generally.
danbri: See CVS for Ivan's changes and comments, eg to query processor.
AaronSw: Doesn't work when logger's dead... must be guessing off the current date, not looking at the log files.
danbri: Yes, that's what my original version did; not sure about Dave's adaptation. A feature creep rqst: previous and next links between log pages?
AaronSw: """The enclosed XSLT transformer will take an arbitrary well-formed XML input document and turn it into an arbitrary (if ugly, but its a quick hack) lisp-style list that can be processed using modern processing tools, such as any scheme implementation after about 1974.
AaronSw: """Given this initial transformation, all of the current processing tools provided by W3C can be implemented by a better than average undergraduate in roughly one (caffeine assisted) weekend. Proof of this assertion is left as an exercise for the student."""
danbri: For eg., see output from converting homepage.
danbri: ...or some RDF.
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