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last updated at 2001-09-20 22:57
DanC: powered by rfc2html
Who is Xirzon?
AaronSw: This mysterious man just entered our channel all of the sudden.
Xirzon: And who runs (mostly), I might add.
AaronSw: Visit InfoAnarchy. It's cool. ;-)
AaronSw: A nice news website about the information future
Xirzon: We discuss copyright, "cyber liberties", patents and similar issues. We also report news about new relevant applications.
AaronSw: From Graham Klyne
CMSC498x: uses RDF/Musicbrainz
sandro: Sandro makes another attempt to gather up the threads
AaronSw: Seems to be the topic of the day...even links to the conversation this morning
sbp: The "Variables + Bootstrapping" section seems like a rather unweildy alternative to minting new identifiers
jhendler: workshop at AAAI-2002
jhendler: some interesting papers/presentations
jhendler: will have a Sem Web presentation - Tues 3PM - part of a session on "Standards and Interoperability: Setting the Standard
jhendler: "
AaronSw: Clarifies differences between URNs and URIs.
AaronSw: New version should be coming soon.
AaronSw: What is this URI?
AaronSw: cached copy in www-archive
AaronSw: because site is currently down
AaronSw: here's a nice new OmniGraffle figure for the draft
dajobe: current state - broken
AaronSw: by Dan Connolly
AaronSw: Dan wants a term for absoluteURI-with-optional-fragment-identifier, I interpret the absence of such a term to be a polite hint to stop using it in specs
AaronSw: This message made me laugh three times, so it must be good.
AaronSw: Bitzi is the "patron" of MusicBrainz and they're doing some pretty cool stuff with file metadata.
AaronSw: Everything is experimental at this point -- I assume feedback is invitied.
AaronSw: Ouch, 404 on the namespace
AaronSw: Otherwise looks pretty good... pretty simple.
AaronSw: And their 404 message isn't even returned with a 404 status :-(
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