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last updated at 2001-09-16 21:49
sbp: Heh! "Must-have book for lovers of techie autobiography - more readable than the source code to cwm."
danja: with short (personal) reviews
danja: I wasn't going to post it yet, but last week I nearly bought the book bijan recommends below
danja: suggestions welcome, as would be a scrape of the chump logs for books
bijan: Note that I only somewhat endorse it, based on topics covered. Quality of the technical content is unknown to me.
AaronSw: My rewrite of the Dublin Core draft, updated live
bijan: Another reference for Aaron, the document-serf.
danbri: authors: Stefan Kokkelink, Roland Schwänzl
danbri: a product of the dublin core architecture WG
bijan: Spends a lot of time about implementing simple logic programming facilities in Java.
bijan: I only skimmed it in thet bookstore, but it's definitely worth further exploration.
bijan: If it's as competant as it appears, it will be a valuable text for semantic webbers of the Java taint.
AaronSw: By Roy Fielding
AaronSw: for those that couldn't/wouldn't catch the original (PDF) here's Roy's Dissertation in handy slide form
AaronSw: Summarizes Roy's view of Web Architecture, but leaves out the connections to "A Pattern Language" that (for me) made it all click
AaronSw: I'll summarize (since he didn't):
AaronSw: A Pattern Language talks about architecture (real buildings) but is so good it has been used as a guide for life, programming patterns, etc.
AaronSw: It's argument is that architecture is like poetry, the more meaning (symbolized/identified by the patterns) you cram into a smaller space, the better the space.
AaronSw: Roy extends this to Protocol Architecture, showing how HTTP crammed all the other paradigms into one.
AaronSw: The end result, I think most would agree, was pretty cool. Even if it didn't go quite as planned...
AaronSw: Good quote: "An XML representation is an object turned inside-out, with behavior-by-reference"
AaronSw: (cite)
AaronSw: Nice work to Gerald and Terje -- looks really great.
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