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last updated at 2001-09-14 23:42
DanC: a nifty unit-testing-meets-literate-programming thingy; I wanna try this out for swap/cwm stuff
AaronSw: May also be useful for Primer work... I need to read thru it, though
DanC: by whom? when?
AaronSw: """The objective of the Diffuse project is to provide a single, value-added, entry point to up-to-date reference and guidance information on available and emerging standards and specifications that facilitate the electronic exchange of information."""
sbp: mentions quite a lot of stuff, but on a wide scale
AaronSw: From the Diffuse Project, Feb. 2001
sbp: also mentions TimBL's "{ { :message :signed :K . :t :derivable :message; :subject :x; :predicate :r; :object :y } log:implies { :x :r :y } } a log:Truth; log:forAll :message, :t, :r, :x, :y ." scribble
AaronSw: Ooh, neat.
em_lurk: fase4PHP RDF Parser is a class written in PHP to
AaronSw: Hmz, seems to make the common mistake of assume RDF==RSS -- guess that's what happens when you become too popular
AaronSw: I think the problem is that XML-users have been trained to look at the root node for format information, and they see the root node of RSS is rdf:RDF
AaronSw: An OmniGraffle rendition of figure 2 from the RDF Schema draft
AaronSw: Colors need some work... red black blue and yellow don't go well together
AaronSw: color schemes now repaired, thanks to the extremely helpful Generalized Set of Color Schemes
AaronSw: screenshot of OmniGraffle while i was making the graph
em_lurk: Possible contribution to RDF Primer
em_lurk: and i needed something to chump to test p2p aggregation tool :)
JHendler: A WIKI for SW classes
JHendler: will be jointly used by UMCP and Russian SW classes - others will be welcomed as well
JHendler: #rdfig'ers will eventually want to check out the "ASK the experts" page - although hasn't been opened yet - will be soon.
DanC: noodling on semantic web service for flight status...
DanC: python code that links xena to ITN
libby: you might be able to find out where danbri is from this
libby: ...and what a nice picture!
danbri__: From the 1997 Netscape submission, by Guha and Bray
danbri__: This was the example that 'licked it' for me when reading the MCF spec summer '97.
danbri__: s/licked it/clicked it/ :)
jhendler: didn't actually mean to chump this, but since I did - it's a conf that will have a SW talk
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