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last updated at 2001-09-12 21:17
dajobe: edited by Art Barstow and Dave Beckett
AaronSw: Woohoo!
AaronSw: Another WD for RDF Core
dajobe: I guess I should implement the N-Triples changes I made
danb_home: Debian developer community - by geography - visualised using Xplanet.
danb_home: All the more reason to want a handy RDF vocab for geographic locations (or at least lat/long...)
danb_home: I'd like to make RDFWeb serve a similar purpose for RDF / Semantic Web folk to Debian's developer database (from where they get their lat/long info). Only with more pictures...
danb_home: The Debian site has a list of location databases for folk looking to describe their location for the database.
danb_home: Old(ish) Mozilla RDF sitemaps experiment (screenshot only; where'd I put those files...)
danb_home: "MDL is the bridge between XML structure and meaning, expressed precisely, in XML. It defines how the structures of an XML document (elements, attributes and XPaths) convey meanings (about objects, properties, and associations)."
danb_home: Interesting; very Cambridge-Communique, close to the way Schematron has been used too.
danb_home: I may have chumped this before (their MDL draft white paper is dated 2001-05-22. I'd love to see a detailed technical review of their proposal...
danb_home: Ooh, under 3.1 'design choices', it says "usable with different XML-based means of expressing XML structure, such as XML Schema, Relax, or TREX;... expressible in RDF form"
AaronSw: My vote for photo of the event: Solitary man stands in the middle of a ruined city.
AaronSw: Another great photo: plane just about to hit
AaronSw: incredible photos
AaronSw: larger version of above picture
danbri: Includes captivate Perl tool that reads JPEG metadata using epinfo, and prompts user for additional metadata before storing as RDF.
SethR: the theory of creating Special Interest Group vocabularies which Rice calls PIGINS
SethR: cool article by Alan Wexelblat
SethR: DrGray to you ?
SethR: i especially like this diagram looks like mentography :)
bijan: "It came from....MASSACHUSETTS!"
jhendler: A column about publishing on the web, includes a good discussion of ontologies and SW issues
MikeM: "An unofficial but constantly updated list of URN Namespaces and their current state in the registration process"
sandro: (Introduction message)
danbri: The www-rdf-rules list is an attempt to find a common home for both RDF Query and RDF Rules discussion.
danbri: Whether those two communities will find common ground will be interesting to see...
danbri: Don't think I've waved this around for a while. It needs a good rewrite; not a priority, but I still like the basic idea.
danbri: "think BEEP for directory services" (MikeM)
MikeM: "This document describes the specification for the eXtensible Directory Access Protocol (XDAP), an XML text protocol with the purpose of describing the query types and result
danbri: ...types of various directory services."
danbri: Looks like the sort of thing SOAP-fans expect SOAP to do
sandro: Canada's "site that distributes
sandro: geospatial data of Canada."
em: One of the best composite global geographic name systems availiable
em: and something for a very long time i would have liked to see represented in RDF
em: DAML Geofile
em: The Geofile is a reference database that describes world locations.
MikeM: "Identifiers for geospatial locations are in wide use around the world, and yet there is no standardized scheme allowing one to refer to them on the World Wide Web. This is a specification for a URN namespace to do just that."
danbri: This paper combines two earlier papers, "URI Partitioning" and "Current State of URI Schemes and URN Namespaces", from Feb 16 2001.
danbri: "There is some confusion in the web community over the partitioning of URI space, specifically, the relationship among the concepts of URL, URN, URI. The confusion owes to the incompatibility between two different views of URI partitioning, which we call the 'classical' and 'contemporary' views".
AaronSw: By the "WorldWideWeb Consortium"... interesting. ;-)
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