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last updated at 2001-09-07 22:17
DanC: W3C Note 30 March 2001 ; submitted by VeriSign, Microsoft, webMethods, Baltimore Technologies, Citigroup, Hewlett-Packard, IBM, IONA Technologies, PureEdge and Reuters Limited
AaronSw: If all those companies agree on it, you know it won't be RDF.
DanC: depends on a bunch of buzzwords I don't know, technically: X-KISS, X-KRSS, SOAP, WSDL
DanC: oops... it X-KISS and X-KRSS are parts of XKML, not layers underneath.
DanC: can't grok this: "Management of status information (e.g. "revocation") is transparent to a public-key using application in an online environment; "
DanC: 1.2 Definition of Terms <- I loath this style, editorially. definitions belong in context and/or in a glossary at the end
DanC: frap. 404 for their namespace
DanC: X-KISS expanded: Key Information Service Specification
DanC: key review question: what conclusion does a client come to after a successful protocol transaction?
DanC: "A client of a conforming service may request that the Registration Service bind information to a public key." <- sounds like a triple-store
DanC: 1.6 Tiered Service Model stopped reading here for now. Yikes! this thing is huge!
AaronSw: Somehow related to GraphViz
AaronSw: Serves up DOT files as x-pcl, PDF, Tclets, VRML, gifs, HPGL, Postscript, FrameMaker, VisualThought, DOT, and EPSI
AaronSw: Does links too!
AaronSw: Written in Tcl
AaronSw: A nice Web Service
AaronSw: An example
danbri: The XML Protocols WG is exploring a re-partitioning of the SOAP spec, taking the graph serialization stuff out into a 'part 2'.
danbri: Please note this is work in progress, not published as a WD by W3C.
AaronSw: Does SOAP serialization really represent a graph?
danbri: Section 3 of this document, 'the SOAP Data Model' (currently just a place holder) may help us understand better the relationship to RDF.
danbri: Related but distinct: Andrew Layman's 1998 paper on XML Syntax 'for Serializing Graphs of Data'.
danbri: An unspecified award to anyone who writes ntriples test cases representing RDF-ish graphs of each of the examples in section 4. Or any five.
AaronSw: Aaron claims a :UnspecifiedAward] ([see www-archive)
AaronSw: See previous discussion
AaronSw: A discussion between wmf, danc, aaronsw and tav
AaronSw: discusses why Zope insists on adding <base> tags to every page
DanC: gotta check this out, compare it with my own Amaya/Zope notes
DanC: hmm... I don't see a declaration for the tal: namespace
DanC: discussed with Lynn today...
DanC: issue: pushing ground facts inside the scope of (exists ())... is that reasonable? are folks that write N3 willing to be held accountable for that?
DanC: issue: N3 quantifiers masquerade as normal triples. If this interpretation is (decided to be) right, that's misleading. something like @forAll :x. (or just ?x) is more transparent
DanC: issue: sometimes the domain of quantification is terms in a formula, and sometimes normal real-world things. the difference in N3 syntax is very subtle.
DanC: the 1st-class treatment of the text of formulas seems to be novel.
DanC: digital signature/logic pointers for lynn... A Logic of Authentication cited from our DAML proposal
DanC: and PCA
DanC: also part of the discussion: wrt and quoting in KIF
DanC: 06 February 2001, Karl Dubost, Hugo Haas, Ian Jacobs
DanC: Lynn thinks browsers should have a "treat this as text" option for mime types. I agree!
bijan: Oh yeah, big time!
DanC: next step: mail this suggestion to the feedback address of that note.
danbri: "Redfoot is a framework for building distributed data-driven web applications with RDF and Python."
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