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last updated at 2001-09-06 23:43
SethR: refers to DanC's post here
SethR: Seth observes that the extra kif 'and' arcs could be done by just affirming a ~for all arcs~ off of a context
DanC: W3C Working Draft 06 September 2001
AaronSw: woohoo!
DanC: oops; meant to chump 6Sep draft and make the "latest version" a subordinate link.
DanC: anyway, yes. woohoo! now appearing in the W3C tech reports index
AaronSw: Somehow the document looks different wit at the top.
danbri: Double wohoo with bells on! This cheered me up :)
danbri: Nice work Dave
dajobe: thanks! It now seems to be public and I can get on with the next version :)
sbp: Hooray!
AaronSw: Effectively an XML N-Triples
danbri: DanBri's buggy WordNet in RDF/XML work-in-progress
danbri: See recent msg to wordnet users list
danbri: The Lingua::Wordnet perl module looks handy for getting this fixed up.
danbri: See the Lingua::Wordnet homepage for details. It is Pure perl, using a Berkeley DB store instead of the native Wordnet C tools and indices. Looks extremely handy in fact; I could implement an RDF API over the top of this...
danbri: There's even a full Perl Journal article with examples; couldn't wish for more :)
danbri: Some Python tools are also available (thanks Bijan).
libby: presentation at ECDL 2001
libby: workflow stuff is interesting - practical smushing
libby: shame eric couldn't have demod the chump :)
libby: lots of interest here in the libraries community about the semantic web
libby: go eric!
AaronSw: Oh sheesh, just what we needed a borges ontology ;-)
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