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last updated at 2001-09-05 23:56
AaronSw: Alexa allows you to view and write reviews for arbitrary websites.
AaronSw: Part of their web metadata system
AaronSw: And the whole thing runs on XSL
AaronSw: Seems like a pretty interesting change from the usual tutorials -- he has people writing pages that are well-formed XML.
AaronSw: But on the other hand, he uses frames.
bijan: Actually, the Prolog tools have a number of useful and interesting goodies.
Seth: which tries to arrive at some way to manage uri and representations
sbp: It's like any conventional Wiki, except that all of the WikiNames have URIs (when exported), and all of the data is stored as RDF.
sbp: Instead of just putting some information under each WikiPage, you have to supply a predicate (which can be a WikiName or a URI), and an object (which can be a WikiName or a Literal).
sbp: The Wiki can be exported as N-Triples (and only N-Triples at the moment).
danbri_: Excellent work Sean! :-)
DanC: sounds like Enquire!
sbp: It's based a little on ENQUIRE, and a little on Seth's current rants
dajobe: added to RDF resource guide, RSS 1.0 feed and syndicated to the world.
danbri_: My old RDFWebWikiGlue notes might be worth comparing; I didn't give enough thought to how typed Wiki links might be RDFized...
DanC: RFE: support values by ref (in add triple, e.g.)
DanC: RFE: use rdfs:label when displaying property names
DanC: I just set up a temporary installation
AaronSw: I've installed RDFWiki on the SWAG website.
AaronSw: RFE using URIs for subject
sbp: Version 1.1 now incorporates some of the RFE's above, including URIs for subjects and objects, and using rdfs:label on the output
AaronSw: RFE (big): Give the database rules and have it think about stuff
Seth: Give it smushing rules and have it smush prince nodes
danbri_: SVG is a Rec now; time to get implimenting...
DanC: time to get implementing was at CR; this thing is implemented. They're dotting the last i's and crossing the last t's on full test suites.
danbri_: The metadata section may be of interest
danbri_: Yes, time to get SemWeb-meets-SVG implementing even more than before.
DanC: ERights.Org -- Open Source Distributed Capabilities
DanC: sigh... so much to study
DanC: index under WebOfTrust, DigitalRightsManagement
DanC: aka web of trust, digital rights management
DanC: this Capability-based Financial Instruments overview seems to discuss the technology at the level I'm interested in it.
DanC: using game theory to model security is very appealing...
DanC: ooh... vats... persistence too... it just keeps getting better. (I like the way they did objects based on lambda.)
danbri_: I imagine Jan would like this stuff...
jang: indeed. Some day, all systems will be built this way.
AaronSw: Another Mark Miller production
AaronSw: Mark also thinks "The world is filling up with bloated standards designed and expanded by committees run amok, as with XML and the w3c." and proposes "downward compatible", simplified standards.
danbri_: An RDFization (png) of the denouncement of
danbri_: But who to believe? If the Semantic Web can't help with this sort of scenario, we might as well all go home now. And we better be prepared for people to use RDF to tell fibs.
danbri_: See my mechanised skepticism notes for more context.
danbri_: Ugh, I tried to use rdf reification; that was a mistake.
dajobe: a good intro IMHO
dajobe: more interesting stuff in the programme especially multilingual issues (topic of workshop)
DanC: Cons -- a Make replacement
DanC: see also: Ant (pointer, anyone?)
DanC: re SemanticWebMake
DanC: that's ant (thx deltab)
DanC: has an interesting "hyperdatabase layer" that looks awfully RDF-ish
AaronSw: Roundup is written in Python and is now available
danbri: (from the creator of the Crit Web annotation system).
AaronSw: I've been a big ?!ng fan for a while now.
AaronSw: Malkovich Malkovich Malkovich?
DanC: by John Udell, 2000
DanC: nifty stuff on the meeting-scheduling-problem, near and dear to my heart.
Modelling email in RDF
DanC: this is a sort of bookmark pointer into the logs
DanC: "Currently at version 3.2, Amaya isn't nearly stable enough or complete enough for
DanC: ... real work, but it's an intoxicating glimpse of the way things ought to be."
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