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last updated at 2001-08-29 23:28
AaronSw: Detourzos was director of MIT's Laboratory for Computer Science (LCS) where the W3C is hosted.
AaronSw: """Tim Berners-Lee said, "If it hadn't been for Michael, there would not probably have been a World Wide Web Consortium. He was a spring of enthusiasm, capability, insight, and experience which drove a half-formed idea of W3C into an international reality. Ever since, Michael's strength of leadership, clarity of thought and warmth of heart have been a constant support and nourishment and inspiration. He will be dearly missed.""""
AaronSw: 13-year-old Zach Lipton speaks out against LinuxWorld's policy of unfair discrimination
AaronSw: This isn't so related to RDF, but I just wanted to thank all of you for your tolerance, openness and caring despite my age. Thanks!
danbri: "Q: Do you use C/C++?
danbri: "... A: No, so far all work is done in XUL/XML/RDF/CSS and JavaScript."
danbri: Nearby at MozDev I found MUDZilla, the perfect compliment to my mostly fictional RDF MOO.
AaronSw: Raymond Kurzweil is incredible... his predictions are off-the-wall, but boy is he able to pull together technology.
AaronSw: On this site he has a realistic 3D avatar using text-to-speech and lip sync stuff to answer natural language questions
AaronSw: She's connected to a large graph of related people and concepts (her "brain") which she uses to answer with
AaronSw: At her debut she danced live using motion capture data from Kurzweil while singing to "Black Rabbit" on Kurzweil music machines
AaronSw: And you thought the Semantic Web was AI. Maybe when we're done I'll go work for them.
AaronSw: A web service
AaronSw: Built on top of CARA
DanC: see earlier discussions of wpk and Aaron's proxy thingy (pointers appreciated)
AaronSw: my ArchiverProxy
sbp: Very preliminary; and looking for feedback. If anyone can come up with some useful hints and tips, I'd like to hear about them
sbp: Send to the usual place,, but CC to and posssibly RDF IG if (and only if) the tip might warrant further discussion
sbp: Perhaps it would be better to maintain this as a collaborative thing? On Wiki?
danbri: Excllent start! Many of these points need zen-like balance, eg 'State ranges and domains explicitly' might be counterbalanced with 'don't create over-constrained, brittle models; leave some flexibility for growth'
em_: sbp, excellent... quick comments under RDF Schema Hints... use rdfs:isDefinedBy and describe your schema
sbp: Ta da SemanticWebTips on Wiki
filsa: this kind of practical tips are great. thanks sbp
libby: chumped again, but worth it
libby: very interesting fro me with respect to rdfquery - query ising commandline, get back xml
libby: [[there is often more value in getting XML out of a service than in sending XML into a service]]
libby: and interesting perpective on use and meaning of urls in general
danbri: Takes a query on commandline, renders results in a table. Nothing fancy yet. The GUI library has provisions for sorting, which is an incentive to explore the use of special sort functions for columns whose values are known to be XML Schema datatypes.
danbri: Current test client uses a Perllib based SOAP service; hopefully Inkling will offer same facility at some point.
danbri: Should also point out that the Perllib library has (had? possibly bitrotted) a neat Tk-based GUI for this sort of thing. Not as pretty as the Gnome stuff imho though.
danbri: The example shown is from Nikita's work on querying RDF-ized XML Topic Map data with Squish/Inkling
danbri: Short paper on using RDF to query representations of metadata vocabularies, and the attitudes taken towards them by metadata initiatives large and small.
danbri: Bit rough but interesting start, and backed up by running code.
AaronSw: I've been tidying it up but I've got to run now... feel free to take over, anyone
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