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last updated at 2001-05-27 20:35
AaronSw: Useful tool for drawing graphs (RDF or otherwise) on Mac OS X
AaronSw: Imports DOT files! Triples export coming soon
ops:errorReportsTo and ops:generatorAgent
kmacleod: These came up in a discussion of RSS. When you have many providers of RSS (RDF) you often have situations where users or their software create files that have errors in either their use of RDF, the schema used, or even XML itself.
kmacleod: These two properties would be added to the rendition of a resource as it is made available to readers.
kmacleod: ops:errorReportsTo would be the URI (typically a mailto:) of the person or mailbox to send error reports to about the particular instance of RDF.
kmacleod: ops:generatorAgent would be the URI of the software, if any, used to generate the RDF.
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