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last updated at 2001-04-02 23:56
sbp: Question: How can this be used to transport RDF agent semantics? Comments? Answers on a postcard please to...
sbp: this transport was designed analogous to kqml
yy[Z]: the message format is presently RFC822 but that's an abstraction layer apart from the transport.
sbp: KQML, RFC822
SethR: How do we code KIF in RDF ?
DanC: ran aground of use/mention issues in RDF.
SethR: a great way to draw triples :))
SethR: The good news is were goning to start getting RDF servers
SethR: The bad news is that IA thinks they should cost 50K for "ramp up"
edd: There are several free RDF server type apps, such as Redfoot
SethR: The question is what happens to IA's business model when some bozo comes along and gives away a RDF server/client ?
edd: Same as happens to Oracle/Informix when someone comes along with PostgreSQL and MySQL
DanC: home of follow-up work on RDF and datatypes
DanC: also working on RDF/RDFS issues
SethR: comment The point of not fragmenting our models here is to get the experts of the KR community behind the simplicity of the RDF data model of triples.
SethR: Sean says that RDF is a small step twards "directed graph utopia"
sbp: Sean hopes that RDF...
DanC: not until the triples are better specified ;-)
edd: Kex, an expert system for the Palm
libby: java for palm apps
libby: Danbri note on RDF smooshing in RDFweb
dajobe: by Brian McBride
jhendler: Parka-DB a scalable inference system
bitsko: Another candidate for RDFization, alongside CDdb/FreeDB and ISBNdb.
bitsko: Are "little languages" or "micro syntaxes" truly deprecated everywhere in XML, as suggested here under 4.1?
bitsko: "This makes general parsing impossible, direct conversion into XML difficult. The only hope is that in fact that it not true and there is more consistency than this line leads you to believe! This sounds like a remake of the RFC822 problem which HTTP has
bitsko: in spades: One parser per page of the spec."
bitsko: I think little languages are an aid to human interaction, and an ABNF->XML transormer would work easily.
bitsko: I suspect the same treatment could be easily applied to vCard. Does FOAF take anything from vCard?
jhendler: Palm DAML info and downloads
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