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last updated at 2001-03-31 23:38
sbp: Thanks to the SWAG interface for TimBLs CWM
timbl: A document in rdf-xml
timbl: Not a class. Not a word. Not a person.
edd: By Uche Ogbuji.
edd: Another nifty using-RDF-to-good-effect piece from Uche.
danbri: From a thread on fork
danbri: "GNOME is the Unix desktop. It's a framework for writing graphical applications with Unix, providing drag-and-drop, interapplication
dajobe: slightly product focussd, but some thoughts on relationships
dajobe: IA and RDF other article Java, RDF, and Wireless Computing by their CTO Leon Shklar
DanC: cites Boyer et. al. "Set Theory in First Order ..." and covers a lot of surrounding ground.
DanC: Boyer, Lusk, McCune et al. - 1986
bijan: "PEANO ARITHMETIC, PA, is the first order approximation to second order arithmetic obtained by replacing P with the following schema of infinitely many axioms..."
bijan: Ok, that's what I remembered.
DanC: somebody told me induction isn't 1st-order; I called a friend to check that claim, and found it's bogus.
DanC: "Robert Boyer's idea of using Kurt Gödel's finite axiomatization of set theory is
DanC: the basis for all Otter proofs of theorems in set theory."
DanC: research by Belinfante, Art Quaife
DanC: presented by Ben Grosof to some W3C Team folks
DanC: linked from Grosof's home page
offdutyDanbri: Great if heavy treatise on challenges of reasoning about events, various attempts and problems. Depressing, kinda.
offdutyDanbri: oopsie, s/Borden/Bennett/ !
danbri: "Susan Haack's Deviant Logic provided the first extended examination of the philosophical consequences of alternative
AaronSw: "RDF is based on a
AaronSw: fundamentally flawed semantic model and is not viable for long-term use as a representation language"
AaronSw: apparently "Quote of the Week"
DanC: incorporating stuff from Melnik's July 1999 formalization
danbri: Are all interesting pages two links from WikiWeb ?
danbri: ...waiting for the stampede ;-)
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